Cencraft Survival

Raiding, PvP, and Factions! What more do you need? If you are that PvPer that just owns everyone Cencraft Survival is the server for you!

Server Info

The Cencraft survival is a server where you can go out into the wild, claim some land in the name of your faction and build, collect, raid and conqure all other factions.

Cencraft survival is down for maintenance, we are working on updating everything into the newest Minecraft update. We are planning for the release of the server late December.

All of our servers have a dedicated IP so that you can skip the Hub server. This IP for this server is survival.cencraft.net. See you in the game!

Cencraft Survival is under development.

Command Explaination Aliases
/help Lists commands that you can do (all of the commands) /?
/afk Sets you as "away from keyboard" N/A
/balance Tells you how much in game money you have. /bal, /money
/motd Gives you the server MOTD. N/A
/msg <player> message Sends a private message to a player /m,/r
/seen <player> Shows you when that player was last online N/A
/pay <player> <ammount> Will send money to a player. N/A
/realname <player> Tells you the real name of a nicknamed player N/A
/rules Will lis tthe rules for you N/A
/seen <Name> Tells you when a player was last on N/A
/sethome Will set your home there so you can teleport back to it later N/A
/sucide Kills you N/A
/tpa <name> Request a teleport to someone N/A
/tpahere Requests that someone teleport to you N/A
/tpaccept Accepts a teleport request /tpyes
/tpdeny Denies a teleport request /tpno
/warp Lists the warps use /warp <warp-name> to teleport to a warp N/A
/auction Gives you info about auctions /auc
/sealdauction Is a quiet auction (Doesn't show bids) /sauc
/bid Bids on an auction N/A
/spawn Teleports you to spawn N/A
/credits Gives you info abbount mcmmo credits N/A
/redeem <skill%gt; Use your mcmmo credits to level a skill N/A
/party <create> You can create a party N/A
/party join <Name> Join a party N/A
/party quit Quit the party you are in N/A
/party accept Accept someone's party invite N/A
/party tp <Name> Teleport to someone in your party (No TP dely) N/A
More information coming soon!
More information coming soon!