Cencraft Creative

Cencraft Creative is a server where you can et ceaive mode to build the awesome projects to show off to the world.

Server Info

The Cencraft Creative is a server where you get creative mode and some awesome tools to transform landscapes and creative what your mind envisions.

All of our servers have a dedicated IP so that you can skip the Hub server. This IP for this server is creative.cencraft.net. See you in the game!

Commands for Cencraft Creative:

Command Explanation Aliases
/help Lists commands that you can do (all of the commands) /?
/afk Sets you as "away from keyboard" N/A
/balance Tells you how much in game money you have. /bal, /money
/motd Gives you the server MOTD. N/A
/msg <player> message Sends a private message to a player /m,/r
/seen <player> Shows you when that player was last online N/A
/pay <player> <ammount> Will send money to a player. N/A
/realname <player> Tells you the real name of a nicknamed player N/A
/rules Will lis tthe rules for you N/A
/seen <Name> Tells you when a player was last on N/A
/sethome Will set your home there so you can teleport back to it later N/A
/sucide Kills you N/A
/tp <name> Request a teleport to someone N/A
/warp Lists the warps use /warp <warp-name> to teleport to a warp N/A
/spawn Teleports you to spawn N/A
/plotme ? /plotme help, /p ?
/plotme auto /p auto
/plotme claim /p claim
/plotme add <player> /p add <player>
/plotme remove <player> /p remove <player>
/plotme clear /p clear
/plotme comment Leave a comment for the plot you're standing on /p comment
/plotme comments Read comments for the plot you're standing on /p comments