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About Cencraft, Our story.

Cencraft has been running for 3 years. The proud owners of Cencraft are Cenaamil and Sockmonkey. We both take pride in running compatable Minecraft servers for you to enjoy. We both have many years of experience so we can bring our knowledge to our servers. We can't wait for Cencraft to be just more than a Minecraft server.

Join our server at hub.cencraft.net

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Owners of Cencraft have a Youtube Channel, Go subscribe!

Cenaamil and Sockmonkey have a Youtube channel where they commonly post videos about Minecraft and more!

We commonly do livestreams and special events on our youtube channel so make sure to subscribe to know the latest. YouTube

Cencraft Does Giveaways, Some extra games!

We commonly do giveaways on our website and our youtube channel. In the past we have given many copies of games and we plan to give more out. Why not win some games and register. You think there is a catch to this? Well there isn't! All you have to do is be a subscriber to our youtube channel.